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Have you heard about our latest procedure?

We are introducing advanced blood testing for optimal skin health.

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We are very excited to be sharing the news that we believe will greatly impact your well-being and, in particular, the health of your skin.

Here at Jems we have recently introduced a revolutionary Blood Testing service which takes your conventional skin analysis and goes beyond. By evaluating your cellular health it provides us with insights into the root causes of lifestyle-related diseases as well as specific skin conditions. We have collaborated with Vitas Analytical Services from Norway, notable for their quality and precision, to provide a service which allows us to tailor make a treatment to best suit you and attain that radiant skin you desire.

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Why is this vital for you?

If you are suffering from any internal imbalances, then it will show on your skin. Those pesky blemishes, premature aging or persistent skin issues are trying to tell you something. Understanding your cellular health can reveal the secrets to achieving and maintaining a vibrant, healthy complexion. By taking a blood test we'll be able to address the causes, not just the symptoms, and we can then recommend you a personalised treatment.

Click below to start your journey to healthier skin and a healthier you!



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